Monday, June 22, 2015

Ebenezer Road - A Poem

An American scene

Ebenezer is a winding road,
with yards kept freshly mowed.
Homes with good building codes,
sub-divisions that have not overflowed.
A two lane road that keeps you slow,
to watch for squirrels or a toad.

Horses and a well kept fence,
the owner went to great expense.
The ride provides a great visual sense,
not the rush that makes you tense.
To widen the road would be an offense,
we would all have to join in defense.

Three miles from start to end,
with three churches to attend.
Watch out for the tracks around the bend,
and wait for the train that could descend.
To loose this road is hard to comprehend,
I think of it now as my best friend.

School kids may come out to play,
drive slow on those school days.
Addison Elementary is along the way,
watch for the patrol and obey.
The post office is just a blink away,
I know because I go by there every day.

Ebenezer Baptist gave us its name,
a one room church with a white frame.
Across the road horses train,
learning to play the Polo game.
No shops, restaurant or gas station to blame,
if there was one it would be a shame.

We go on trips for wonders to see,
or to the mountains and try to ski.
But just around the corner there may be,
a road that will make you feel free.
As we drive this road we can agree,
that this is the road for me.

From the book Trees, Bees and Weeds
By Hubert Clark Crowell

Copyright © 2010 Hubert Clark Crowell
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