Thursday, August 13, 2015

Number Five Spot - A Poem

Number Five Spot

The number five spot to catch a nap,
is to snuggle up close or find a soft lap.
In the late evening after treats and play,
tired from all the activities of the day.

Dreams of chasing squirrels across the lawn,
as ears twitch and feet run till it’s gone.
A sound or movement may open an eye,
and sometimes he will let out a sigh.

But until you announce, time for bed,
will he rise or just lift his head.
To the chair you think he became attached,
until you offer him a tummy scratch.

A whimper or whine to let you know,
it’s time to play with a bone to throw.
Chase him around the room a few times,
or else just listen to that pathetic whine.

Copyright © 2015 Hubert Clark Crowell
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