Friday, October 30, 2015

Back Yards - A Poem

Photo by: Kelly Lynch Smith

Back Yards

Behind each home there is a special place,
to enjoy a walk, or watch the children play.
A place to dream and spend a little time,
a special place you can say, it’s all mine!

Some have grass that you have to mow,
others trees with plenty of leaves to blow.
But when all the chores are finally done,
take a long break and have a little fun.

 Some have places that are neat to explore,
creeks with bridges, trails and much more.
Back yards are where we can go to rest,
plant a garden, or entertain our guest.

Some have small buildings for storing stuff,
it seems like we never have room enough.
A workshop with a porch over the creek,
to build something special and unique.

Quiet and peaceful they are meant to be,
on a swing by the creek under the trees.

Poem by: Hubert C. Crowell

Copyright © 2015 Hubert Clark Crowell
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