Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tracks of Life - A Poem

The tracks we leave, send a message you see,
to many more than we could ever dream,
to show to others where we have been.
How many tracks will you leave for others to see?

What we say, write and do are all tracks we leave,
for all who follow this tangle web we weave,
through all the challenges this life may bring.
What type of tracks will you leave?

Trusting Jesus each and ever day to show the way,
whenever things go wrong, what we do or say,
or when all is right, to be humble and thank Him.
Are these the tracks you want others to see?

Plain and clear no hiding here, no doubt or fear,
just tell the truth, careful not to bring a tear,
or hurt a love one close and dear.
What type of tracks will you leave?

 I pray that the tracks I leave will help others,
to always trust Jesus and love one another.
If it pleases Him I will take this journey further.
Are your tracks clear for others to see?

Take a walk with me and become my friend,
this life is short and it’s only where we begin,
after this life is over, heaven awaits with no end.
May our tracks point the way that others might believe.

 Poem by: Hubert C. Crowell
Copyright © 2015 Hubert Clark Crowell
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