Saturday, April 30, 2016

Desk Cleaning

Desk Cleaning

Short Story

If you are like me cleaning and getting organized is very difficult. I have to really put everything else aside and tackle the project. I may have to even use it as a subject for a short story!

10:00 AM
Time to clean my desk off after years of clutter. I will try and concentrate on one area at a time. When I tackle a major project, like this one, I try to break the project down into small little chunks. The smaller the better. Picking the oldest pile, I first put the books back on the shelf, then file the important stuff and discard the rest.

 10:30 AM
Moving to the next pile, all the files and notes I currently, over the past year, have been taking care of, I discard the stuff already taken care of. I am getting side tracked, reading all my notes scattered through the pile.
11:30 AM
     Things are looking so good I will take a break and write start this short story about cleaning off my desk, who knows what interesting items I may find.
Side tracked again, better get back to cleaning.
 12:00 PM
Another pile reduced to blank desk top. Actually the desk drawers are so full I can’t get any more into them. My file cabinet is also full and I need to get out the label maker and redo the file folders. Take another break and run out to the mail box and make another cup of coffee before I complete this project.
12:40 PM

One last corner and the front half of the desk will be clear at last. Where will I put it all? Maybe I will work on a new web page now that my desk is cleaned off, thinking about calling it “WannabeWriter”.  My next cleaning project will be one of the desk drawers and I will have to pick the worst one, the one that will not hold anything more!

The Trout Pond is now on

By: Hubert C. Crowell
Jim makes a find in a pond that tears a small Kentucky coal mining town apart. Ron, a stranger in town carrying a secret of the largest crime of the century becomes snared in the Union wars of the 1950’s.