Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Knot Hole - A Poem

The Knot Hole

Limbs that die, sometimes leave a hole,
for birds, squirrels or just a curious soul,
wondering what mystery it might hold.

A little hole caught my attention along the marsh,
was something hiding in the smooth clean bark,
a little touch of white caught my eye in the dark.

A cord, dangling from the limb above the hole,
tied to something left behind by some little troll,
a brown painted little bottle with a white cap.

Who left it there and why is anyone’s guess.
Slowly I open the bottle, what might it possess?
It was empty, to my great distress.

Now I could not leave this bottle be,
remaining there empty inside this tree,
a little treasure I left for the next curious as me.

Copyright © 2015 Hubert Clark Crowell

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