Friday, July 3, 2015

Waves - A Poem


Waves come and go like thoughts when we grow old,
who remembers a wave or all the things ever told.
Crushing up shells and moving the sand,
around my feet where I try to stand.

Washing away all the foot prints left during the day
leaving only memories where children ran and play,
covering stolen pirate treasures lost over time,
crashing onto the beach, changing the shore line.

Building slowly off some distant shore,
rolling on till it touches the ocean floor,
then rising high as it comes ashore,
to end its journey, wandering no more.

Life is like a wave in so many ways,
some lives are short and fast, up in a blaze,
others long and slow touching many along the way,
I pray that mine will be like the latter reflecting God’s ways.
Copyright © 2015 Hubert Clark Crowell

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